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    ABACUS WorkShop in Arles

    October 2019, Arles (France)

    BLUE SCIENCE took part in the ABACUS Workshop (BBI-JU project), organised by the CEA Cadarache

    - More than 100 participants, 15 countries

    - Presentation of EU and regional support to the microalgae sector

    - Update on current innovations and projects

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    Lecturing at the Brest Business School

    February 2019 (France)

    BLUE SCIENCE provided lectures on the Blue BioEconomy

    - Current status

    - EU perspectives and strategy

    - Focus on the Algae sector in the EU and France

    SPIRALG article in BeSustainable Magazine

    February 2019

    Monique Ras provided a descriptive article of the SPIRALG project.

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    BSCM - Greetings & Newsletter

    January 2019

    Major achievements in 2018

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    SeaTech Week - Marine Bioresources

    8 - 12 October 2018 in Brest (France)

    BLUE SCIENCE organised and moderated the 3 plenary sessions

    - Plenary "What Future for Marine Bio-resources in the EU?"

    - Plenary "How to find the best qualifications and skills?"

    - Plenary "To what extent is sustainable aquaculture viable?"

    Blue Biotechnology : Production and Use of Marine Molecules. WILEY.

    October 2018

    Monique Ras is co-author of Part I Book Chapter : Bioremediation Potential of Algae: Recycling Nitrogen, Phosphorus and other Waste Products.

    SPIRALG project in Mèze

    May 2018 in Mèze (France)

    BLUE SCIENCE is assisting the consortium (project implementation / consultancy)

    - SPIRALG is a 4 year project funded by BBI JU, DEMO

    - 5 partners, 5 million euros

    - Coordinated by GREENSEA (Jean Paul Cadoret)

  • Expertise and skills

    R&D project manager and coordinator

    Monique Ras

    • PhD in Environmental Bio-process Engineering
    • Bilingual in French and English
    • 10 years experience in the algae sector (INRA, CNRS, Industry)
    • 11 scientific papers and book chapter 
    • 18 million euros successfull projects
  • R&D Consulting and Management

    Technical and scientific support for public and private actors willing to invest in Blue Growth projects

    R&D Project engineering

    Funding opportunities (watch)

    Budget construction

    Project scheduling and implementation

    Meeting/conference organisation

    Relation towards funding agencies

    Scientific support for marine biomass valorization

    Algae biomass for food, feed, cosmetics, energy...

    Onshore cultivation, bioremediation...

    • Technical consulting
    • Editing : review and specifications
    • Translation French/English

    Technological, scientific and competitive watch

    Specific service tailored to each customer

    • Patent and publication search
    • Specific watch software
    • Confidentiality
  • Membership

    Blue Science Consulting and Management is membership of :

    CBB Capbiotek

    Innovation to promote your development

    As an active observer of progress in fundamental research, CBB Capbiotek creates innovative ideas for corporate clients to boost their economic development.

    Technolpole Brest Iroise (TBI)

    Serving innovation for local development

    The Technopôle Brest-Iroise supports project leaders wishing to develop innovative concepts on the local ground.

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